Why us?

Every indie developer creates a game of their dream. However, not all of them can afford actually finishing it. There’s more! Testing, promotion, fancy animations and many, many other things! All of it requires money infusions.

Our company is happy to help talented studios solve these problems:
• Fund provision
• Professional advice
• Quality assurance
• Market analysis
• Game promotion, including ad campaigns budgeting

We're looking for...

• Talented teams with interesting projects
• Development time under one year
• PC or Console
…here’s what will take you through to our first meeting!


An investor and a publisher in the field

We know what development is. We won’t be annoying you with inappropriate questions typical for non-industry-specific investments (example: is the game ready? not yet? never mind, just launch it!)

We stay away from your development process

Once we have a deal, rest assured that you won’t face a request to change your concept and half the key mechanics half-way through. Your idea will remain as it was. However, it’s only natural that we require total bug elimination.

We'll rid you of staff shortages

We have our own team, happy to support your development: UI, QA, testing, animations, arts, and many, many others. Forget about recruitment, and save time for the development process.

We're responsible for promotion

We have a team of professional marketing specialists, each with over 10 years of experience in the gaming field, to take care about your project promotion worldwide.

We don't want your intellectual property rights

Your concepts remain yours to use in the future projects.

We've got great partners

Epic Games, NVIDIA, Unity and others will take part in developing your game.


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