Board game for two to four treacherous and greedy marauders and murderers.

Based on opulent European manuscripts of the 12th to 15th centuries, the game draws heavily on the military games played by the medieval aristocracy all over the world: shogi, xiangqi, chaturanga, and backgammon.
You control an army of crusaders trying to loot as much treasure from the Holy Land as possible. At the same time, you hinder the progress of other players using the mutually shared army of the Saracens.
God is watching the Crusades closely and often intervenes with Divine Will events that you may use to your advantage. But don’t forget to maintain your camp’s amenities, or when the moment comes, your troops may be too busy fighting diarrhea.


• Quick setup (less than five minutes)
• Language-independent game assets (illiterate-friendly)
• Easy to learn, hard to master

• Adjustable gameplay
• Shared control over enemy units (collective AI)
• Unique movement and combat mechanic

• Army building and camp management
• God-sent Divine Will events
• Plundering-centered gameplay


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